Award in Internet Programming

  • 420
  • MQF Level 6
  • St Martin’s Education Services Ltd.

Aim of this Course

The department of computing at Saint Martin's Institute boasts of a specialised and effective portfolio of courses in this area, fully accredited by NCFHE, and which evolved from its affiliation with the University of London. The training being provided equips an individual in various aspects, theoretical and practical, while giving the solid foundation necessary to embark on careers related to computer science and information systems.

The courses on offer allow the student to attain knowledge and skills in:
  • how computers communicate across the internet;
  • the principles of client/server architectures;
  • creating/developing a simple web-based computer system;
  • the typical services offered in the financial sector;
  • the constant developments and improvements in technology;
  • financial technologies, including services in retail, banking and insurance;
  • creating and developing computer applications in a given language;
  • the principles behind computing architectures;
  • the principles behind data communications and information security;
  • designing and implementing databases systems;
  • the fundamentals being audio design.
  • Course Contents

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