Award in Introduction to Business Law in the Maltese Legal Context

  • 575
  • MQF Level 5
  • 21 Academy aka Advisor 21 Ltd.

Aim of this Course

The course aims to give an overview of the various legal aspects in running a business from how to form it to any laws that govern businesses including employment considerations, health and safety implications as well as the fundamental principles of data protection and commercial agreements amongst others.

It is important for any person who runs a business or works in a business to know the legal basis and identify when advice needs to be sought. This course will help participants develop the necessary skills and legal understanding of business law.

The participants will acquire a thorough knowledge of the basic principles of Maltese law relating to business in general. This course intends to cover a vast range of issues relating to the law of business, from the incorporation and the basics of running a business within the parameters of the law, to the on-boarding of employees and other salient subjects, including consumer law, data protection law, and credit management.

Course Contents

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