Award in Managing Cultural Diversity in Hospitality

  • 675
  • MQF Level 7
  • Idea Academy

Aim of this Course

Working in Hospitality, one interacts with a large variety of people both internally and externally, at a local level and international level. Due to the ‘personal’ nature of dealing with guests, Hospitality Managers and professionals must be versed in intercultural and multi-ethnical considerations. This will help them to communicate better with guests as well as provide them with the best customer service possible. The aim of this module is to provide participants with insights, theoretical knowledge and practical strategies to sensitively manage the issues and challenges associated with leading and communicating in a culturally diverse world. Participants will understand how cultural diversity impacts on human behaviour and learn effective strategies to negotiate and deal with the competing challenges arising between staff as well as business partners, clients, suppliers from culturally diverse backgrounds.

Course Contents

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