Undergraduate Diploma in Business Administration

  • 2975
  • MQF Level 5
  • 21 Academy aka Advisor 21 Ltd.

Aim of this Course

This course gives an understanding of the origins of business administration and management and the various methodologies of Management. Distinguishes between creativity and innovation and puts both to practice. Raise awareness on, the purposes and roles of planning, recruitment, structuring, leading, and influencing in an efficient and cost-effective system, as well as awareness about the external and internal environments in which a business operates. The course will also delve into the privacy implications on business and how to process the much needed data while being in compliance with privacy legislation as well as raise awareness on what businesses need to assess and look out for when considering entry to an international market.

The course is geared toward delivering a rudimentary understanding of the planning function, including the setting up of goals followed by a decision-making process on the best way to accomplish them.

Course Contents

Please click on the following link to view the detailed course content: https://www.advisory21.com.mt/21-academy/21-academy-time-table/undergraduate-diploma-in-business-administration/

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