Diploma in Leadership and Management

  • 2500
  • MQF Level 5
  • Learning Works Ltd.

Aim of this Course

The purpose of this course is to provide aspiring or existing managers with the critical knowledge of management and leadership related to the 21st century organisation. The course covers the key elements of what makes a successful manager in business whether managing its finances, operations and people or building strategy and leading change in the digital age.

The programme is aimed at mid-managers who are seeking to update their knowledge in these key areas in order to enhance their performance, their team's effectiveness and the competitiveness of the organisation they currently work in.

A unique feature of the programme is the opportunity for each candidate to carry out a managerial research project which allows students to research in-depth an issue/problem facing their organisation.

The course is divided to ensure that candidates are provided with the necessary skills and knowledge in each of the compulsory units and are assessed by practical application using an organisational context they are familiar with.

Course Contents

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