Undergraduate Diploma in Business Leadership

  • 2000
  • MQF Level 5
  • Malta Leadership Institute

Aim of this Course

The course is intended to give learners the competencies to work professionally as Supervisors, Managers and Leaders within organisations. This qualification will provide the necessary theoretical knowledge, skills and competencies for learners to apply the managerial skills in workplace. The learner will be able to understand the overall processes of an organisation and how to deal with difficult situations both from a business and human perspectives.

Learners will have:

a) Knowledge and understanding of business organisations and their processes and critically assess and reflect on how business organisations can be re-engineered.

b) Knowledge and practical understanding of the different elements and components that make a successful organisation and critically reflect and assess on how these different elements and components can make a difference in the organisation.

c) Knowledge and skills of management, leadership and administrative tasks and critically reflect and assess when these are being fulfilled according to the needs of the organisation, the team and the individuals within the team

d) Explores wider considerations such as environments, people management, IT, finance, markets and processes; and how all these work together

e) Knowledge between differences between SMEs and large organisations and its application to experience

f) Understand organisational development and change

g) Develops and apply wide you for a wide range of employment opportunities across all sectors

Course Contents

Please click on the following link to view the detailed course content: https://maltaleadershipinstitute.com/en/courses/courses/40/undergraduate-diploma-in-business-leadership---60-ects-.htm

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