Undergraduate Diploma in Business Management

  • 2850
  • MQF Level 5
  • Domain Academy

Aim of this Course

Upon successful completion of the course the learner will have:


1. A complete understanding of the principles of management and leadership in a business environment

2. Understand the relationship between management theories and their practical application in the business world

3. Analyse the internal and external environments which influence organisational change and workforce planning

4. Understand and reflect on the processes of personal learning and development


5. Learned to apply management principles more widely within the Business environment

6. Enhanced analytical and evaluative skills relating to business across a number of industries

7. Demonstrated the ability to analyse problem solving techniques specific to business and industry

8. Manage one’s own personal development and growth.


9. Learned to work independently and as part of a team

10. Managed to select, collate, review and analyse information form a wide range of sources

11. The learning skills and knowledge necessary to undertake further studies with a degree of autonomy

Course Contents

Please click on the following link to view the detailed course content: https://domainacademy.edu.mt/courses/business-and-management/undergraduate-diploma-in-business-management/

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