Graphic Designer Associate with Adobe Photoshop, inDesign & Illustrator

  • To be scheduled
  • 1300.00
  • MQF Level 5
  • Institute of Computer Education (Malta)

Aim of this Course

This course is aimed at providing the learner with the general knowledge, skills and competences required to work as a graphic designer. Through this training programme, the learner will first be exposed to basic theory about graphic design including concepts for both print and web graphics such as typography, colour models, vector vs. raster images, the cultural connotations of colours and industry terminology. The learner will then learn Adobe Photoshop at an associate level, allowing the learner to touch-up images as well as create artwork. The learner will then be taught the use of Adobe Illustrator, to create logos, icons and other artwork in vector format. Finally, the learner will learn Adobe InDesign, to place artwork created in formats for both print and the web. Throughout the course, students will create a variety of designs for both print and web using different design applications and techniques, and these will be used as the basis for a student portfolio.

Course Contents

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