Award in Nail Enhancement Technology

  • 1500.00
  • MQF Level 4
  • la Houppette Academy

Aim of this Course

The overall objective of the course is to impart all the necessary knowledge, skills and techniques required to maintain healthy natural nails and apply enhancements safely to natural nails. The nail technician will have the responsibility of analysing their clients’ nails and be able to choose the right product for the right nail as well as be able to identify nail relalted problem and take necessary actions thereto by referring them to the right qualified persons as applicable (this meaning if the client comes with an infected nail, the nail technician will be alert to realize about the problem and refer the client to a doctor instead of applying product or irritate the infection and make matters worse). The students will also acquire knowledge on product chemistry which will be of great benefit when analysing problem nails. The student will be able to decide which best product will correct or enhance the natural nail of their client.

Course Contents

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  • Hair & Beauty