Award in Multiculturalism in Education: Facing and Interpreting the Challenges Ahead

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  • 400.00
  • MQF Level 6
  • Institute for Education

Aim of this Course

This course helps educators learn and relearn about other cultures and religions. It empowers educators and provides them with the right tools to teach students learn to accept and tolerate students coming from different cultural backgrounds. The course also provides, teachers tools and pedagogical assistance on how to address sensitive situations in the classroom like, racism, xenophobia, islamophobia, extremist views and radicalisation. It helps them teach students how to be critical about what they see on tv, on the net and on social media as well as punctuating events around the world.

The educators will also learn to effectively communicate and refer threats or high-risk situations to competent authorities, where necessary.

The educators will also be introduced to reforms or indeed new measures to facilitate integration and acceptance of foreign students to meet their needs. They will also learn on how to raise awareness amongst students about the importance of tolerance, acceptance, shared humanity and respect towards democratic values.

Course Contents

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