Award in the Foundations of a Family Literacy Intervention Programme

  • 400.00
  • MQF Level 7
  • Institute for Education

Aim of this Course

This training course will allow educators to obtain an awareness and a deep understanding of how all students can acquire literacy skills. They will be able to understand the causes of literacy difficulties and to adapt their teaching to suit the needs of students in their class. They will also gain a working knowledge to support students, identify their literacy difficulties and plan a systematic, intervention programme such to address their difficulties. The course will be framed within a family literacy, parental empowerment model. Parents/caregivers are essential stakeholders in their child’s educational trajectory and are an integral part of Nwar service provision. The training course will help participants reflect on ways to work with parents/caregivers, with a focus on the involvement of parents/caregivers within Nwar sessions or other similar intervention programmes. By the end of the course, the educators would be able to:

• demonstrate an understanding of the pedagogy and methodology of a balanced literacy approach;
• develop knowledge of the teacher’s role in the teaching and learning process focusing on explicit modelled instruction, scaffolded learning and gradual release of responsibility;
• demonstrate an understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of a balanced literacy approach; develop knowledge on the impact of learning difficulties that may hinder children from attaining literacy.

Course Contents

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