Award in Inclusive Practices: Addressing the Diverse Classroom

  • 105.00
  • MQF Level 7
  • Institute for Education

Aim of this Course

Through classroom practices educators should promote positive inclusive practices and delve into ways of enhancing a collaborative, serene and welcoming environment. By the end of the course, educators would have acquired knowledge to:

• describe the theoretical framework of inclusive education; explain theories on inclusion;
• discuss inclusion as a process;
• discuss Malta’s National Policy Framework;
• describe any problematic situations in Malta;
• give practical ways to cater for diversity in the classroom;
• analyse theories of inclusion through a social constructionist approach;
• challenge pre-existing discourses related to inclusion;
• develop one’s own discourse on inclusion;
• take a multi-disciplinary, theoretical and practical approach towards knowledge in relation to inclusion.

Course Contents

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