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The first spot aims at showing the male going through a busy day at work and then working part-time trying to make ends meet. This impacts negatively on the family in that he does not get to spend quality time with his wife and kids.


The second spot shows the female going through a day at home - going through the daily chores.


The third spot shows both parents thinking aloud about how their life could be better if they worked at achieving a better work-life balance.


The final spot aims to show an ideal work-life balance situation.

Phase 1 - TV Spots - Testimonials of real people who have managed to strike a balance between work and life.







Radio Spots - Phase 1:


  1. Liliana
  2. Reuben
  3. Clifton
  4. Lara
  5. Claudine
  6. Anthony



Billboard - Phase 1


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