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Through the newly designed Jobsplus website, employers are able to:

  • Select the desired knowledge and competencies required by future employee/s;
  • View the profiles of the matched jobseekers;
  • Short-list candidates;
  • Interact directly with them by inviting them for an interview.  

At any stage of the process, employers are able to widen or narrow the selection criteria so as to increase or decrease the pool of matched jobseekers.

Alternatively, Jobsplus can assist in the recruitment process through its Recruitment Services Unit (RSU), which was purposely setup to assist employers in filling their vacancies. To initiate the process one simply needs to complete the Jobsplus Vacancy Profile Form*, which can be submitted by email to

Once the vetting of vacancy is complete, the Jobsplus team matches the vacancy with its pool of jobseekers.  Automatic job matching is based on: 

  • Competencies;
  • Qualifications;
  • Work Experience;
  • Other personal attributes and skills. 

Following the job matching process, a list of the best possible candidates is sent directly by email and/or letter that allows the employer to proceed in calling candidates for an interview.

In addition to the service above, a vacancy can be made available on: 

  • Jobsplus website;
  • Job centres;
  • EURES Portal (the vacancy will be available to Europeans who wish to work in Malta);
  • Daily automailer (this is an automatic email that Jobsplus sends to subscribed jobseekers daily).
*Private Recruitment Employment Agencies are kindly requested to fill in a specific Vacancy Profile Form.

Jobsplus offers other services to facilitate the recruitment process for employers through its personalised recruitment service; mass outreach through automailer, open days and recruitment drives.

Personalised Recruitment Service (PRS)

This is a customised recruitment service offered to employers wanting to fill multiple vacancies at the same time.  This service helps employers save time and resources and may include:

  • Assessing employers’ requested vacancies;
  • Outreaching jobseekers;
  • Filtering and short listing applications of interested candidates;
  • Carrying out jobseekers’ assessments;
  • Job matching;
  • Submitting final list of suitable candidates.

Mass Outreach through Automailer

Jobsplus has over thousands of subscribers who receive vacancy notifications on a daily basis.  When employers encounter difficulty in finding a suitable candidate and/or have multiple vacancies to fill, Jobsplus can issue a customised email advertising the vacancy/vacancies amongst its subscribers. 

Telephone of person responsible: 22201602

Email address of person responsible:

Open Days and Recruitment Drives

Open Days and Recruitment Drives are aimed at attracting persons who are looking for a job (not necessarily registering for work with Jobsplus) or employed persons who would like to change their job. Recruitment drives help companies recruit suitable staff in an efficient and effective manner. These open days/recruitment drives are held either at the employer’s establishment or at a different location (including Jobsplus).

An Open Day / Recruitment Drive may include:

  • Mass outreach amongst jobseekers (registrants or not);
  • Invitation to jobseekers to attend an information session given by the employer to highlight the various job opportunities available within the company, conditions being offered and other relevant information;
  • Various filtering pre-selection tests (eg.  dexterity tests, written tests) depending on the employers’ needs;
  • One-to-one interviews with the interested candidates. Such interviews are carried out by the employer and Jobsplus personnel may sit on the interview as anonymous observers to take note of jobseekers’ behaviour and performance.

Contact details

Telephone of person responsible: 22201225

Email address of person responsible:

Generic telephone numbers: 22201207/22201219

Generic email address: