Third Country Nationals (Non-EU) seeking employment in Malta

Jobsplus processes all applications for the issue of Employment Licences (previously referred to as work permits) for foreign nationals to work in Malta, with the exception of Third Country Nationals applying under the Single Permit Directive.  These licences are to be applied for by the prospective employee.

The following Employment Licences Guidelines are intended to act as a guide to applicants and to foreign non-EU nationals (with the exception of EU Member States undergoing a transitional phase) wishing to work in Malta. These guidelines are subject to regular updates, thus, it is important for applicants to comply with the guidelines applicable at the date of application.

Third Country Nationals wishing to apply for a Work/ Residence Permit, and who are eligible for a Single Permit Application, are to submit their applications at Identity Malta Agency, Valley Road, Msida. For further information regarding eligibility and documentation required, visit the Department’s website or contact the Department for Expatriate Affairs on 25904800 or by email on [email protected]

Third Country Nationals in possession of a Single Permit are eligible for guidance services offered by Jobsplus. For more information on these services click here.

More information can also be accessed by downloading the Living and Working in Malta publication.

Contact Details - Employment Licences Unit

Telephone of person responsible: +35622201282

Email of person responsible: [email protected]

Generic telephone numbers: +35622201283/+35622201284/+35622201285/+35622201286

Generic email address: [email protected]

Are you a Third-Country National interested in having a secondary job?

Jobsplus wishes to announce the acceptance of applications for part-time employment for Third-Country Nationals (TCNs) who are already in possession of a Single Residence/Work Permit or an Employment Licence. Third Country Nationals who are in primary employment may now also take up part-time work, subject to the issuing of a secondary Employment Licence.  This service will commence on the 1st December 2017.

Further information?

Information on the procedure applicable is available on the Employment Licences Unit Guidelines, which may be directly accessed here or via contacting the Employment Licences Unit on 2201283-291 or by email on [email protected].