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Access to Employment Scheme

Access to Employment (A2E) Scheme provides employment aid to enterprises in Malta and Gozo to promote the recruitment of the more challenged amongst jobseekers and inactive persons. Through this scheme the integration into the labour market is facilitated by:

  • Enhancing opportunities to access the labour market and providing work experience to those furthest away from gainful employment;
  • Bridging the gap between labour market supply and demand;
  • Increasing social cohesion. 

The Scheme is demand driven and grants will be awarded on a first-come first-served basis, subject to the annual ceilings and total budget. The total available budget for the A2E is €12 million, with an indicative annual calendar year ceilings of c. €2.4 million.  

Employers who engage eligible individuals shall receive a subsidy of €85 per week per new recruit for 26 weeks, 52 weeks or 104 weeks, depending on the target group. In the case of registered disabled persons, a subsidy of €125 per week for a maximum of 156 weeks is provided.

The A2E Scheme is co-financed by the European Social Fund, the Maltese Government and employers.

Eligibility criteria

Target Groups

  1. Any person of age 24 and over who has been unemployed/inactive for the previous 6 months;
  2. Any person of age 24 and over who has been unemployed for the previous 12 months during which he/she participated in a traineeship with the applicant undertaking;
  3. Any person who is living as a single adult who has one or more dependants and is not in full-time employment;   
  4. Any person of age 24 and over who has not attained an upper secondary educational or vocational qualification (ISCED 3) and who does not have a job;
  5. Any person older than 50 years who does not have a job;                                                                                                         
  6. Any person who has been unemployed/inactive for the previous 12 months during which he/she has not benefited from a traineeship with the applicant undertaking and who belongs to either category (3) to (5);
  7. Any person of age 24 and over who has been unemployed/inactive for the previous 24 months during which he/she has not benefited from a traineeship with the applicant undertaking;                                                                   
  8. Any person who is a registered disabled person under national law and is not in full-time employment.


  1. Complete documentation:  an Undertaking must present a fully completed application form together with all the requested supporting documentation.
  2. All Undertakings: all Undertakings (including a partnership, company, association, individual self-employed or other body of persons) having an economic activity and recruiting new employees are eligible to participate in the Scheme subject to criterion (c) below. Such definition implies that there must be at least one person in the Employer’s organization who is engaging a different person through the A2E Scheme. A definition of an Undertaking can be found in the ‘Definition of Term Section’ of these Guidance Notes, whilst a more detailed definition can be found in Annex 1 of the Commission Regulation (EC) 651/2014. 
  3. The specific recruitment must represent a net increase in the Undertaking staff as at acknowledgment date of the A2E application form, compared with the average of the twelve months preceding the received date; any post/s reduced must have fallen vacant following voluntary departure, disability, retirement on grounds of age, voluntary reduction of working time or lawful dismissal for misconduct and not as a result of redundancy. 
  4. Incentive effect: as long as the Undertaking has submitted a written application prior to engaging the new recruit, aid should be considered to have an incentive effect.  
  5. Project implemented within/for the direct benefit of the eligible territory: The eligible territory for this scheme is the whole legal territory of the Maltese Islands. 
  6. The Jobsplus will be checking that every applicant Undertaking is financially sound; any one of the following circumstances would render it ‘an undertaking in difficulty’(as more fully described in the ‘Definition Terms’ section) ineligible for funding:
    1. In the case of limited liability companies (with a few exceptions relating to SMEs), if more than half of the subscribed share capital has been absorbed by losses.
    2. In the case of companies with partners’ partial limited liability, as in (a) above.
    3. Involvement in any collective insolvency proceedings.
    4. Where any rescue aid has not been repaid.
    5. Where non-SMEs have had for the last two years a book debt to equity ratio greater than 7.5 or an EBITDA coverage ratio of below 1.0.


A2E Application Stage Documentation 

A2E Grant Stage Documentation

A2E Reimbursement Stage Documentation

A2E List of Beneficiaries

Applications (including all documentation) are to be submitted by post or by hand to:

EU Funded Schemes Division
A2E Scheme
Hal Far Road
Hal Far BBG 3000

Contact details

Telephone of person responsible: 22201302

Email address of person responsible:

Generic telephone number: 22201399

Generic email address: