Guidance Services

Jobsplus strives to assist clients in finding the right job and providing tailor-made guidance services according to the individuals’ needs. Upon communication with Jobsplus for initial guidance1, clients are allocated an employment advisor (EA) who becomes the primary contact with Jobsplus.

A meeting between the individual and the employment advisor shall be set up within 2 weeks (or the first available) to discuss the current employment situation, the options available and to develop a Personal Action Plan (PAP);  in the case of individuals seeking alternative employment, a meeting to discuss a suitable career path2 shall be set up.

The initial PAP session also includes the provision of information on where to search for jobs, local training opportunities and relevant Jobsplus services such as short courseswork exposure schemestraineeships and any other Jobsplus initiatives. A Personal Action Plan Tool Kit may help you in your journey by clicking here.

More specific Jobsplus services have been developed. These include:

Career Test – Mock Interview

Jobsplus also organises other activities such as ad hoc information sessions and developmental workshops.

More information on what is required for you to become a first-time registrant is available here.

In addition to these mainstream services, Jobsplus also offers specialized Inclusive Employment Services which are specifically designed for persons with disability, former substance abusers, former prison inmates, and individuals with other socio-economic difficulties.

More information on these services can be accessed here

Contact Details - Jobsplus Guidance Services

Telephone of person responsible: 22201230

Email address of person responsible: [email protected]

Generic telephone number: 153

Generic email address: [email protected]

1 More information on what is required for you to become a first-time registranthere

2 Persons registering with Jobsplus on Part 1 of the unemployment register will be required to meet up with their employment advisor on a face-to-face basis as is stipulated in the registration guidelines. You can access relevant information through the registration FAQs found here