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Average Wage Earners Scheme

This scheme is a stepping stone for employed and self-employed individuals earning up to €300 per week. It offers a unique opportunity to enhance skills through Jobsplus free courses, supported by a training allowance.

Scheme Benefits

The Average Wage Earners Scheme is a launch pad for continuous learning and growth. Tailored for those earning modest wages, it incentivises further training through a weekly allowance of €25, provided the participant attends at least four hours of training per week. Open to individuals committed to personal and professional development, this scheme ensures that financial constraints do not hinder your journey towards skill enhancement. Successful completion of the course and timely application submission are key to unlocking this benefit.

Create a brighter future with our support measures: 

  1. Financial Support: Individuals enrolled in these courses may benefit from a financial grant of €25 per week, provided they attend at least four hours of training each week. This grant is a token of encouragement, awarded upon the successful completion of the entire course, easing the financial aspect of pursuing further education.

  2. Guidance and Training: Participants gain access to tailored training programs, carefully designed to enhance skills and job readiness. These programs are a gateway to becoming a stronger candidate in the job market, equipping you with the knowledge and tools needed to excel. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • To apply for this scheme, an individual must be employed during the course and earn less than €300 (basic) per week. Successful completion of a Jobsplus course and attendance of at least four hours of training per week are mandatory. 

  • For those undertaking multiple courses simultaneously, applications should be made for only one course. In cases where a certificate has not yet been issued, applications must still be submitted within the two-month timeframe. These applications will remain on hold until the certificate is issued. 

  • Each course requires a separate application, ensuring that every learning journey you embark on is recognized and supported. 

  • Employed and Weekly Wage

    Less than €300 per week

  • Application for Courses

    Only One

  • Application

    Per Course

Applying for this Scheme

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