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Free Childcare Scheme

The Free Childcare Scheme supports working parents or guardians, as well as those pursuing education, by providing free childcare services for their children.

Scheme Benefits

Launched in 2014, the Free Childcare Scheme aims to facilitate women's re-entry into the workforce during their children's early years. By offering childcare services while parents work or study, it ensures children receive early education.

The Free Childcare Scheme offers significant benefits for children whose parents are either employed or pursuing education. It encompasses:

  • Parents in Work: This includes both parents or guardians engaged in employment, as well as single mothers, fathers, or guardians who are working and contributing to social security.
  • Parents in Education: Both parents or guardians pursuing education leading to a recognised course, diploma, or degree are covered, including single parents in the process of education.

The scheme ensures that while parents work or study, their children have access to quality childcare services, thereby facilitating the parents' involvement in the workforce or education. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Parents in Work: Refers to parents or guardians employed and paying social security contributions. This includes single parents who are working. 

  • Parents in Education: Applies to parents or guardians pursuing education leading to a recognised qualification. They must provide a statement of course attendance from their educational institution. For courses outside of the University of Malta, MCAST, or ITS, a statement of course recognition from the NCFHE (National Commission for Higher Education) is required. 

  • Single Parents: Applicants must provide evidence of their status, such as the child’s birth certificate or a legal document indicating full care and custody of the child. 

  • Fostering Parents: Applicants need to present an official document from the Fostering Board, along with additional supporting documentation.

  • Extension to Non-Employed Parents: The scheme may also extend to parents who are not in employment due to terminal illnesses. 

  • Parents in Work


  • Parents in Education


  • Single Parents


  • Fostering Parents


  • Extension to Non-Employed Parents


Applying for this Scheme

Download Application Form - EN  

Download the application form here or obtain a copy from your selected Childcare Centre. After filling out the application, including all necessary documents, submit it to your preferred Childcare Centre. Any missing or incomplete information in the application may result in delays in application processing. The Childcare Centre is responsible for submitting applications to the Free Childcare Scheme Office.

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telephone +356 2220 1137 or +356 2220 1138

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