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Bridging the Gap Scheme

The Bridging the Gap Scheme was created to assist disadvantaged or vulnerable individuals in transitioning from unemployment to employment. It offers vital skills and knowledge through on-the-job training and support measures, facilitating a smooth journey to gainful employment.

Scheme Benefits

This initiative is centred on empowering persons with a disability and disadvantaged job seekers with a structured work exposure programme. Designed to provide essential skills and knowledge through hands-on training, mentorship, and customised support, it aims to foster practical experience and confidence-building. We also offer personalised assistance in job searching and networking, ensuring a seamless transition into the workforce. Our comprehensive approach is tailored to address the unique needs and challenges faced by persons with a disability or disadvantaged individuals seeking employment. 

Create a brighter future with our support measures: 

  • Financial Support: Participants receive weekly payments to help cover living expenses during their journey to employment, ensuring a stable foundation as they search for the right job. 

  • Guidance, Training, and Mentoring: Access to tailored on-the-job training and mentorship enhances skills and job readiness, making participants promising candidates in the job market. 

  • Opportunities: The scheme allows participants to showcase their; capabilities in a specific industry, adaptability, and enthusiasm to work within a company’s culture. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Our inclusive programme welcomes disadvantaged job seekers: 

    • Registered persons with disability
    • Former Inmates
    • Former substance abusers
    • Individuals with socioeconomic difficulties

    Explore your pathway to new employment with our comprehensive support measures today!

  • Disadvantaged

    Job Seekers

Applying for this Scheme

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