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Report Infringements

Have You Encountered Undeclared Work? 

If you come across instances of unreported work, it's crucial to take action. Your reporting plays a significant role in ensuring the integrity of our social system. You can do this without revealing your identity. 

Freephone Number 8007 6501 

Submit Report Fill as many details as you can (form) 

  • Details of Reported Person

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  • Place of Work

  • Note: It is important to fill up as much details as possible to ensure successful results.
    This report does not disclose the sender’s identity. Anonymity is guaranteed as per Data Protection Act.

Unreported employment can take many forms, including: 

  • People working while receiving employment benefits; 
  • Employers failing to inform Jobsplus about new hires; 
  • Employers hiring individuals of compulsory school age; and 
  • Non-EU nationals working without the necessary employment licenses. 

Uncovering undeclared employment is essential, as it can impact our local economy and labour market. Reporting these cases ensures that we maintain a fair and transparent work environment for all. 

Yor contribution can make a meaningful difference in safeguarding employment integrity in your community. 

Jobsplus operates in accordance with the Employment and Training Services Act, which empowers the Law Compliance Unit (LCU) inspectors to conduct necessary investigations to ensure compliance with this legislation and recognised employment conditions.  

Inspectors may perform examinations, interviews, and request relevant documents as needed for these inspections. 

Rest assured that the Law Compliance Unit (LCU) diligently investigates all leads provided and handles all information with the utmost confidentiality. 

The Law Compliance Unit (LCU) collaborates with:

The Department Of Industrial and Employment Relations

The Department of Social Security

Benefit Fraud

The VAT Department

The Malta Police Force

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