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Persons with disability

Persons with disability who are either actively seeking employment or are already in employment and wish to have their name entered/retained in the register for persons with disability as per LN 156 of 1995 can apply to be part of this register. Upon application the client is referred to a Placement Medical Officer who will assess the employability of the client within the context of their disability. The person is then referred to an occupational therapist (OT) who will assess the abilities of the client and suggest the ideal path to employment (sheltered, supported, or mainstream). Following this assessment, the client is referred to the Lino Spiteri Foundation (LSF) who will further assist individuals in their job search.

Persons with disability are classified as follows: 

  • Intellectual Disability;
  • Physical Disability;
  • Sensory Impairment (e.g. Visual Impairment and Hearing Impairment);
  • Mental Health Difficulties.

* Register for persons with disability as per CAP 210 Reg 5, and LN 156 of 1995

The Lino Spiteri Foundation (LSF)

The Lino Spiteri Foundation (LSF) is a public social partnership between Jobsplus and Empower, a leading cooperative that employs persons with disability in collaboration with the private sector. This partnership aims to draw on Jobsplus’ resources together with the experience and expertise of the corporate sector to create employment opportunities for persons with disability. The LSF’s role is to keep close corporate relations with employers and deal with individual persons with disability on a one-stop-shop basis, providing initial registration, advisory assistance and job search support to each registered disabled person.

The Lino Spiteri Foundation also offers The Headstart Programme.

The aim of the Head Start Programme is to serve as a launch pad into employment. The programme is aimed at replicating employment in order to support individuals in increasing skills and employability. Quality and production outputs of participants are measured and opportunities of employment are targeted accordingly. A job coach assists the group in order to support in the attainment of their personal goals and a quality coach is also on board to ensure quality levels are achieved according to expectations.                                                           

Candidates enrolled in this programme should attend at least 80% of the overall programme. Failure to do so without reasonable justification may lead to dismissal from the programme. Participants are given a stipend of €120/month*. Prior to enrolment in the programme, candidates will need to undergo a ‘selection week’ where their employability standards and production targets are measured and assessed. Eligibility depends on the outcome of this ‘selection week’. Referrals for Head Start are done through the LSF Profiling and Guidance Executives. 

Head Start aims to ensure that a) the individuals fit within the employers’ needs and b) are supported until such time that they are fully included into the workforce. 

*​​the stipend is applicable for candidates who are not in receipt of social benefits 

*the stipend is applicable to candidates receiving a disability pension

Please note that employment documents and employment licences application services are not provided from within this office and thus one would need to visit any Jobsplus Job Centre or access the Jobsplus website to obtain such documents.

Further information may be found on the Lino Spiteri Foundation website

Former substance abusers, former prison inmates, and individuals with other socio-economic difficulties

The Inclusive Employment Services’ team of employment advisors works with clients to create tailor made Personal Action Plans. The team also works in close collaboration with other specialized organizations who in turn offer counselling and additional related services.  Former substance abusers receiving rehabilitation at Caritas (Malta) and Oasi (Gozo) can participate in specialized programmes, which offer training as well as work exposure opportunities to enhance the clients’ employability. Such programmes facilitate the individual’s entry into the labour market.

Outreach activities for clients under detoxification treatment are carried out at the DETOX Centre. Such service consists of individual assessment, career exploration, skills identification and referrals to work exposure schemes. 

Prison inmates are also offered individual assistance while serving their sentence. Training courses, information about Jobsplus’ services and an assessment of the individual’s competences are offered to participants. 

Other Schemes & Programmes

Contact Details - Inclusive Employment Services Division

Telephone of person responsible: 22201413

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Generic telephone number: 22201403

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Contact Details - Lino Spiteri Foundation

Telephone of person responsible: 22201761/22201762

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Additional Information: 

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities: