Tenders & Quotations

Jobsplus would like to inform prospective bidders that the Corporation is in the process of converting to an electronic system. All new calls for quotations and calls for tenders are being published electronically.

Additional information on the current calls may be obtained from the Electronic Public Procurement System. Registration is required in order to make use of this website by registering either directly through the ePPS  or through the e-ID Service via the MyGov website.  In the case of the latter, Economic Operators must qualify for e-ID as per the ePPS Terms of Use for Economic Operators.

More information is available from the FAQ Section of the same website.

Economic operators interested in participating in these current calls are urged to take note of the workshops being organised by the Department of Contracts. More information is available in the tender document itself.

The list of calls for tenders and quotations currently available at Jobsplus is as follows. Interested economic operators can apply accordingly:

To review Closed Calls for Tenders & Quotations issued over the past 12 months, kindly click here