Jobsplus would like to inform prospective bidders that the Corporation is in the process of converting to an electronic system. All new calls for quotations and calls for tenders are being published electronically.

Additional information on the current calls may be obtained from the Electronic Public Procurement System. Registration is required in order to make use of this website by registering either directly through the ePPS  or through the e-ID Service via the MyGov website.  In the case of the latter, Economic Operators must qualify for e-ID as per the ePPS Terms of Use for Economic Operators.

More information is available from the FAQ Section of the same website.

Economic operators interested in participating in these current calls are urged to take note of the workshops being organised by the Department of Contracts. More information is available in the tender document itself.

The list of calls for tenders and quotations currently available at Jobsplus is as follows. Interested economic operators can apply accordingly:

Ref. No. Title Publication Date Closing Date Status
EOI/JOBSPLUS/01/20 Expression of Interest for the Provision of Training Services to the Maltese Workforce 
08/10/2020 29/10/2020 Closed
JOBSPLUS/EOI/01/19 Expression of Interest for the Provision of IT Consultancy Services
19/06/2019  03/07/2019 Closed
JP/CS/EOI/21/17 Lease of space in Valletta or Floriana
06/10/2017  13/10/2017 Closed
JP/EMP/EOI/03/17 Call for Expression of Interest - Lease of Office Space in Valletta or Floriana        
27/01/2017  24/02/2017 Closed
JQ/IES/18/16  Call for Quotations for The Lease of One (1) brand new energy efficient multi-functional Photocopier 18/11/2016  06/12/2016  Closed
JT/ICT/17/16  Call for Tenders for The Supply of CISCO Networking Hardware 21/10/2016 11/11/2016 Awarded
JT/CO/16/16 Call for Tenders for the Hire of a Five (5) star Venue in Malta and the Provision of in-house Catering Services 07/10/2016 28/10/2016 Awarded
JT/GS/14/16  Call for Tenders for the Leasing of One (1) Brand New Energy Efficient Photocopier  27/09/2016  18/10/2016 Awarded
JQ/CS/13A/16  Call for Quotations for the Provision of Medical Services  29/07/2016  26/08/2016 Awarded
JT/IES/12/16 Call for Tenders for the Provision of Transport Services using low emission Mini-Vans 19/07/2016 09/08/2015 Awarded
JT/TRG/01B/16 Call for Tenders for the Provision of Transport Services using low emission Mini-Vans for Course Participants 08/07/2016 29/07/2016  Awarded 
JQ/CS/13/16 Call for Quotations for the Provision of Medical Services 08/07/2016 22/07/2016 Cancelled
ETC/CS/T/11/16 Supply & Installation of an Energy Efficient CCTV System and an Energy Efficient Intruder Alarm System   05/07/2016 02/08/2016  Cancelled
ETC/CS/Q/08/16 Quotations for the Supply & Delivery of Toners 10/05/2016 31/05/2016 Awarded
ETC/CS/Q/09/16 Quotations for the Hire of Open Skips for the Collection of Waste Material 20/05/2016 10/06/2016 Awarded

To review Closed Calls for Tenders & Quotations issued over the past 12 months, kindly click here