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If vacancies are hard to fill locally, employers can expand their candidate search across the European Union.

Language and culture may be inherent barriers when recruiting non-nationals. For this reason, the European Union has purposely set up the European Employment Services, referred to as EURES, to assist employers in their search for suitable candidates.

EURES is a European-wide network in 32 countries, (the EU Member States together with Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland) which operates within the public employment services organisations of these countries and offers a number of services aimed at facilitating the mobility of workers.

Through Jobsplus, clients can be provided with detailed information and advice on recruitment options. The extensive web portal also provides individuals with other required information including:

  • Advertising the vacancy on the EURES portal;
  • Assisting with the matching and short listing of potential candidates;
  • Setting up tailor made recruitment collaborations with EURES staff across the EU;
  • A network of more than 1,000 EURES advisers that are in daily contact with jobseekers and employers across Europe;
  • Job fairs and recruitment events.

EURES job fairs and recruitment events are organised throughout the year and are aimed at connecting employers and jobseekers. These are held both onsite and online. More information about these events can be accessed here. 

Note: Due to the transitional arrangements still in place, the employment of Croatian citizens still requires an employment licence. For more information, kindly click here.

Contact Details- EURES Malta

Telephone of person responsible: 22201271

Email address of person responsible:

Generic telephone numbers: 80076505/ 22201260

Generic email address:  


Chat with our advisers online via the EURES portal

Contact Details- Employment Licences Unit (Employment licences for Croatian Nationals)

Telephone of person responsible: 22201282

Email address of person responsible:

Generic telephone numbers: 22201283/22201284/22201285/22201286

Generic email address: