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Atypical In-Work Benefit Scheme

Gain a one-time cash payment of €150, designed for those employees who embraced atypical working hours, reinforcing the value of flexibility and dedication in the workplace.

Scheme Benefits

This unique Atypical In-Work Benefit Scheme celebrates the adaptability of private sector employees who worked shifts on weekends or after 6pm, with a basic salary not exceeding €20,000 per year. Covering industries like accommodation, food services, manufacturing, transport, storage, and wholesale and retail trade, this scheme only applies to primary employment. It's a nod to the hard work of around 40,000 employees, injecting approximately €6 million into the Maltese economy, acknowledging the extraordinary efforts made during the year. 

The €150 benefit is a tangible acknowledgment of the commitment of workers in key sectors with unconventional hours. It encourages continued participation in pivotal industries, supporting the stability and growth of essential services. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Employee/s should have worked during non-standard hours, including weekends, nights, or on a shift basis. 

  • Employment must have been in one of these sectors: accommodation and food services, administrative and support services, manufacturing, transport and storage, or wholesale and retail trade. 

  • Employee/s job should have been with a private employer. 

  • Employee/s must have worked for at least six months in the respective calendar year. 

  • Employee/s income for the year should not have exceeded €20,000. 

  • The job where the employee/s worked atypical hours must have been their primary employment.

  • Worked during

    non-standard hours

  • Employmed in

    certain sectors

  • Employed

    with a private employer

  • Employed for

    at least 6 months

  • Income not over

    €20,000 per year

  • Primary employment

    with atypical hours

Applying for this Scheme

Employee eligibility is determined through a data-driven process based on the information submitted to Jobsplus by the respective employer through the engagement and termination forms. Additionally, this information undergoes validation by comparing it with returns submitted by the employer to CfR

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