Investing In Skills

2021 - 2027

Aid Scheme part-financed by the European Union

Investing in Skills is a scheme co-financed by the European Social Fund+ (ESF+), the Maltese Government and the Employers and falls under Malta’s Operational Programme ‘Fostering the socioeconomic wellbeing of society through the creation of opportunities for all and investment in human resources and skills’ for the 2021-2027 Programming Period.

Investing in Skills 2021 – 2027 1st Call

A new Investing in Skills Scheme was launched on the 18th September 2023 for training that will commence on the 25th September 2023 onwards.

Applications can be submitted from the 18th September 2023 directly through the Jobsplus IIS website.

Funds available under this call have a total budget of approximately €4 million. The scheme is demand driven and grants will be provided on a first-come first-served basis.

The IIS Guidance notes can be viewed here.

1st CALL 18th SEPTEMBER 2023

Employers can initiate the training at their own risk prior to formal approval by Jobsplus. Jobsplus will not be held responsible for any losses sustained by the applicant should the application be found ineligible.


IIS Application Stage Documentation

It is important to have the Training Programme Template and Training Schedule Template ready for uploading BEFORE filling in and submitting the IIS Application Form.


IIS Reimbursement Stage Documentation

(Training Rate @ €28.25 Wage Rate @ €5.55)


What you’ll get:

A subsidy on training costs, wage costs and air travel during the training period.

What type of training is eligible under the new Scheme?

Accredited training between MQF/EQF Levels 1- 5.

Non-Accredited training.

Type of Training Definition Funding Possibility
Classroom Style Training Training where there is direct physical contact with a trainer. Such training can be held in a group session, one-to- one session or on the job. Yes
Online Training (Live Sessions)
Training that is conducted during a live online session on platforms such as Zoom, Skype or similar. Yes, subject to Jobsplus being given access* to the training sessions so as to be able to conduct monitoring visits.
Online Training (Self-Led)
Training that is conducted via a pre-recorded session. Yes, subject to Jobsplus being given access* to the training sessions so as to be able to conduct monitoring visits and training is accredited/recognised by the MFHEA, ITS, UOM or MCAST
Distance Learning Training that is conducted by correspondence, without the student needing to attend training centre. Yes, subject to being accredited/recognised by the MFHEA, ITS, UOM or MCAST.

Are there any cappings?

The maximum contact hours that can be supported are 25 hours per trainee for non-accredited training. In the case of accredited training all the approved contact hours can be supported.

There is a capping of 10 trainees per group.

What are the rates for the IIS 2021 – 2027?

Training Rate @ €28.25 Wage Rate @ €5.55. Air Travel costs will be based on the Erasmus Plus Grant Support rates.

What’s not eligible?

Information Sessions, Meetings, Conferences, Seminars, Team Building Events and any training that is mandatory by law.

Internal training and training that is delivered by entities where subcontracted trainees are deployed.

List of Beneficiaries

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