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Vacancies Notified to Jobsplus

 1.1  Trend of Vacancies Notified by Major Occupation Group (1993-2017)  


ISCO - International Standard Classification of Occupations


Public Employment Services Job Notifications

1.1 Trend of Vacancies Notified by Major Occupation Group (1993-2017)

The illustration below shows the trends of vacancies notified by employers to the Public Employment Service as from its early days of operation in 1993. Over the past two decades, vacancies notified to Jobsplus increased considerably. At the end of 2017, 29% of notified vacancies were for occupations in the Services and Sales workers category; followed  by those in Elementary Occupations (18%) and Clerical and support workers (14%). Vacancies notified for jobs in the top three categories of the ISCO classification, namely: Managerial; Professional; and Technical & Associate Professionals, in total amounted to 18% of notifications. 

 Vacancies Notified 1993 - 2017

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