Trade Testing System

Trade Testing System / Validation Process

Trade Testing has been set up in order to assess individuals who have acquired knowledge, skills and competence in a particular occupation but do not possess a formal qualification. Through trade testing a person is assessed in a particular area by sitting for the following types of assessment:

  • Interview
  • Portfolio
  • Theory test
  • Practical test

Upon application, applicants are provided with the assessment criteria, which serves as a guideline to establish whether the individual is up to the expected level to sit for a Trade Test/Validation Process. The applicant must be literate as all Trade Testing/Validation Process include a written examination. Depending on the level of Trade Testing/Validation Process, arrangements may be made to individuals having literacy problems.

Candidates who successfully pass from the trade test are awarded a Certificate of Competence in that particular occupation. In the case where assessment takes place under the validation process candidates acquire an Award in the respective occupation and pegged at the respective MQF Level.

Candidates failing from part or entire assessment have the right to submit a formal request in writing to acquire feedback on the results attained. The formal request needs to be received within 10 working days from the communication received from Jobsplus. The Trade Testing Coordinator will collect the necessary feedback and will send it in writing. Candidates who are still not satisfied with the feedback provided can lodge an appeal within ten (10) working days from the communication received from the Trade Testing Coordinator.

Trade Testing / Validation Process Assessment Criteria


Building and Construction

Hair and Beauty

Health and Social Care

Printing and Digital Media

Welding & Fabrication



Stone Restoration and Sculpture


Veterinary Aide

Slaughtering & Deboning

Eligibility criteria with respect to validation process

  • For those occupations that have an MQF level next to the occupation title, the applicant needs to have at least three years’ experience in a given occupation.  In addition, Jobsplus cannot allow candidates to sit for more than two assessments for different occupations within a calendar year.
  • For those occupations that do not have an MQF level next to the occupation title, the applicant needs to have at least one year experience in a given occupation.

Contact details

Telephone of person responsible: 22201613

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