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Trade Testing System

Trade Testing has been set up in order to assess individuals who have acquired knowledge, skills and competence in a particular occupation but do not possess a formal qualification. Through trade testing a person is assessed in a particular area by sitting for the following types of assessment:

  • Interview
  • Theory test
  • Practical test

Candidates who successfully pass from the trade test are awarded a Certificate of Competence in that particular occupation.

In order to sit for these assessments, a candidate must be proficient in written English as in most cases assessment takes the form of a sit-down examination.  

Upon application, applicants are provided with the assessment criteria, which serves as a guideline to establish whether the individual is up to the expected level to sit for a trade test. 

Trade Testing is offered at three levels:

  • Operative
  • Craftsmanship
  • Technician

Trade Testing Assessment Sheets

Eligibility criteria

  • Knowledge of English language


Contact details

Telephone of person responsible:  22201613

Email address of person responsible:

Generic telephone number: 22201610

Generic email address: