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Board Of Directors

Mr. Clyde Caruana Chairman
Prof. Ernest Azzopardi Deputy Chairman
Ms. Alexandra Gatt Board Member
Ms. Gabriella Calleja Board Member
Mr. James H. Pearsall Board Member
Mr. Anglu Fenech
Board Member
Mr. Andrew WJ Mamo Board Member
Mr. Michael Grech Board Member
Ms. Abigail Mamo Board Member
Mr. Gaetano Tanti Board Member
Mr. Joseph Farrugia Board Member
Ms. Marietta Cassar Board Member
Ms. Ingrid Vella Scerri Board Member
Mrs. Marie Grech Caruana Board Member
Mr. Joseph Bugeja Board Member
Mr. Oliver Scicluna Board Member
Dr. Joey Reno Vella Board Member
Ms. Sharon Camenzuli Board Secretary
Ms. Alexia Vella Chief Executive Officer


Management Team 

Chairperson:  Clyde Caruana –

Chief Executive Officer:  Alexia Vella –

Chief Information Officer:  Michelle Mangion –


Corporate Planning Division 

Head of Division:  Felix Borg

Department Manager – People Management:  Dr Ing. Chris Micallef

Department Manager - Performance Management:  Maria Bartolo Galea –

Unit Manager – Corporate Services: Vincent Azzopardi –


EU Affairs, Labour Market Analysis and Employers Services Division

Head of Division:  Doriana Bezzina –

Department Manager – Training and Employer Services:  Mariella Vella –

Department Manager – Labour Market Information and HRIU:  Edwin Camilleri –

Unit Manager – Training Coordination :  Jean Pierre Meilaq –

Unit Manager – Employer Relations :  Wilma Plaehn –

Unit Manager - EU Affairs :  Graziella Caruana -


Employment Services Division 

Head of Division:  Mario Xuereb –

Department Manager – Employment Services:  Nicola Cini –

Unit Manager – Jobseeker Advisory Services:  Ylenia Vella –

Unit Manager – EURES Malta:  Giliane Mallia –

Unit Manager – Schemes and Parastatal Recruitment:  Loredana Calleja Pandolfino –

Unit Manager – Employment Licences:  Graziella Cauchi –

Unit Manager – Registration Services:  Barbara Cachia – 


Inclusive Employment Services Division 

Head of Division:  Olivia Farrugia –

Unit Manager – Inclusion Services:  Maronia Avellino –


EU Funded Schemes Division 

Head of Division: Raphael Scerri -

Unit Manager – Evaluation, Mapping and Monitoring:  Joseph Sultana –

Unit Manager – Investing in Skills:  Marthanne Castillo –

Unit Manager – Access to Employment:  Christianne Hollier


Finance, ICT & Procurement Services Division 

Head of Division:  David Bonello

Department Manager – Financial Records, Reporting, Budgeting and Control:  Redent Farrugia –

Department Manager – ICT:  Josef Cachia

Unit Manager – Public Procurement and Purchase Control:  Mathea Formosa Gauci –



Clyde Caruana Portrait

Chairperson’s Bio

Clyde Caruana is an economist with a specialisation in welfare state topics.

He worked as a statistician at the National Statistics Office of Malta between 2007 and 2012. For the past five years, he has been lecturing various economics-related subjects at the University of Malta. His main areas of interest include the labour market, welfare policy, poverty, and income distribution.

Caruana was the main author of a number of policy documents for the Maltese Government, namely the Jobs+ Policy (2013) and the National Employment Policy (2014).

In April 2014, at the age of 29, he was appointed Chairperson of the ETC, now Jobsplus.

In March 2016, he was assigned the role of Executive Chairperson.