Frequently Asked Questions related to filling of employment forms 

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What is the scope of the Engagement and Termination Forms?

How can one submit the Engagement and Termination Forms?

How do I register an employee (including students or interns) with me or my organisation?

How can I register as self-employed person?

How can I register a Company with Jobsplus?

If I rent residential premises, do I need to fill in the self-employed engagement form?

Do I need to fill an Engagement Form as a Director of a company?

We are going to be partners in business. Which Engagement Forms need to be filled?

I am a Household Employer. Which forms do I need to fill?

Can a family member help or assist me in my business? If yes, what do I need to do?

Does a registered foreign company or sole-owner of a business, located or operating from abroad and employing Maltese or EU Nationals (Cross-Border) abroad needs to submit any engagement?

Does a Maltese or foreign company registered, located or operating from Malta employing Maltese, EU Nationals (Cross-Border) and Third Country nationals abroad needs to submit the Engagement Form?

Does a registered foreign company, located or operating from abroad and employing Maltese or EU Nationals (Cross-Border) working in Malta needs to submit the Engagement Form?

If I need the services of a Posted Worker[3], do I need to fill in an Engagement Form?

Do I need to inform Jobsplus’ Employment Records Unit in case my organisation undergoes any of the following situations: Transfer of Business  |  Merger  |  Buy Out  | or  Change in Company Name?

Which forms do I need to submit to change the employment status (full-/part-time) of my employee?

If a definite contract is extended, do I need to submit a Termination Form and then an Engagement Form? 

If I need to use the services of an intern with my organisation, what kind of information do I need to submit to Jobsplus?

Changes in submitted data to Employment Records Unit (ERU)

If I have to make modifications or corrections to the engagement or termination forms I have already submitted to Jobsplus, what shall I do?

Can the Commencement and/or Termination Dates; or Termination Reason be modified?

What needs to be done if I need to make a change in the occupation description or designation; include a promotion or make a lateral transfer within my organisation?

What type of information can an employer request regarding his registered employees and how can this be provided?

If as an employee, I need to update or amend my Employment History, how can I do that? 

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[1] Any EU, EEA or third country national residing in Malta for a period of more than three months is required to obtain a residency permit from Identity Malta. Malta Residency Permits are available for varying lengths of time depending on your nationality. An Ordinary Residence requires that an individual has been physically livingin in Malta for a period of three months or more and is currently working in Malta or is able to financially support himself and his family. 

[2] Certificate concerning the Social Security Legislation which exempts an employee from paying National Insurance Contribution in Maltese territory. For more information, please visit:

[3] Posting of Worker in Malta is regulated by the Legal Notice 430 of 2002 – Posting of Workings in Malta Regulations.

[4] Legal Notice S.L. 452.85 3A – Transfer of Business (Protection of Employment) Regulations covers this obligation. However, this declaration is a requisite in order to have evidence in case of future disputes between employer and employee(s).

Information Updated on 16th September 2022