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Childcare Subsidy Scheme

The Childcare Subsidy Scheme is crucial for parents striving to enhance their job prospects. It offers financial support for childcare, enabling participants to attend Jobsplus training courses and pave their way to better employment opportunities.

Scheme Benefits

This scheme is a nurturing hand for parents balancing childcare with career development. It provides a subsidy of €4.50/hour (up to 1 year old) or €4.30/hour (12-36 months old) for childcare services during training at Jobsplus. This support includes the duration of the course plus an extra two hours for commuting, ensuring that your learning journey is as seamless as your parenting. 

Benefits for Jobseekers 

  1. Financial Support: The scheme offers a childcare subsidy, easing the financial burden and making it feasible for parents to participate in training courses. 

  2. Training Opportunities: Participants gain access to Jobsplus courses, improving skills and qualifications, and thus boosting employability and job prospects. 

  3. Integration Support:  The scheme aims to facilitate the integration of jobseekers into the labour market, providing skills development and eventually employment. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Eligibility for the Childcare Subsidy Scheme requires applicants to be attending a Jobsplus training course during the period they are availing of childcare services. 

  • To qualify, applicants must submit their application form along with all necessary documentation within two months following the completion of their course.  

  • It’s important to note that individuals already benefiting from the Free Childcare Initiative are not eligible to apply for this scheme. 

  • Attend a Jobsplus

    Training course

  • Submit Application Form

    2 Months

  • Already Benefitting from Free Childcare Initiative

    Not Eligible

Applying for this Scheme

Reimbursement Application Form - EN   Reimbursement Application Form - MT

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