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VASTE Programme II

The VASTE II Programme is dedicated to enhancing active inclusion and employability, especially for persons with disabilities and other disadvantaged or vulnerable groups. It aims to provide tailored services and pathways for equal opportunities and active participation in the labor market.

Scheme Benefits

The VASTE II Programme, potentially co-funded under the European Social Fund (2021 – 2027), is a collaborative initiative between Jobsplus and the Lino Spiteri Foundation (LSF). It is founded on the principle of fostering active inclusion for all by improving employability.

The project is tailored to the needs of disadvantaged jobseekers, including persons with disabilities, former inmates, former substance abusers, migrants, the long-term unemployed, and those facing other social challenges. The overarching goal is to enhance active inclusion prospects by bringing them closer to the labour market through a suite of services focused on enhancing employment prospects.

This includes the enhancement of the Jobsplus Vocational Multi-Disciplinary Assessment Centre, which aids in tailoring training options, employment exposure plans, job coaching, professional services, guidance, mentoring services, and general awareness raising, among others.

The support measures adopted aim to empower disadvantaged jobseekers, helping them gain skills, increase general wellbeing, and achieve employment or self-employment, leading to economic independence.

  • Transition and Retention Support: The programme provides an array of support measures aimed at easing the transition of jobseekers into employment, helping to bridge the gap between their current status and gainful employment.
  • Professional Services: Occupational Therapists and other professionals conduct assessments and offer professional services aimed at supporting job seekers, employees, and employers to engage in meaningful employment. This includes tailoring training options and providing employment exposure plans.
  • Job Carving and On-the-job Coaching: The Lino Spiteri Foundation focuses on recruitment, job carving, and job maintenance for disabled persons. This includes offering tailored on-the-job coaching to sustain long-term employment and facilitating access to incentives and schemes available from Jobsplus.
  • Mentoring Services: Support is provided to persons with disabilities and vulnerable individuals before and during employment to facilitate their retention. NGOs are contracted to provide participants with specific assessments, training, and psychotherapeutic interventions to enable their entry into the labor market. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Registered persons with disability

  • Former Inmates

  • Former substance abusers

  • Migrants (Asylum seekers and those granted a protection status

  • The long-term unemployed  

  • Those facing other social challenges

  • Registered persons with disability

  • Former inmates

  • Former substance abusers

  • Migrants (Asylum seekers and those granted a protection status)

  • The long-term unemployed

  • Those facing other social challenges

Applying for this Scheme

Interested jobseekers and employers are to contact the VASTE Programme Unit for more information and guidance.  

telephone Freephone 1711
[email protected]

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