First-time Registration

Individuals who are currently seeking employment or alternative employment, can register with Jobsplus. Upon registration, individuals automatically start receiving information about new opportunities. Jobsplus matches the individual’s job preferences, experience, qualifications, skills and competence, with the recruitment needs of companies. Subsequently, Jobsplus automatically refers individuals to the companies, however individuals are still required to submit their CV and application letter.

Jobsplus’ employment advisors are available to assist in the job search process. Interested individuals shall attend meetings with the assigned employment advisor to identify training needs, and work opportunities [1].

Jobseekers who are unemployed and actively seeking full-time employment are to start registering with Jobsplus on the unemployment register [2]. Registrants may be entitled to social benefits and/or National Insurance contributions from the Department of Social Security [3]. Registered unemployed are subject to terms and conditions. More information can be found here.

Jobseekers who are seeking employment and would like to:

Register for work, can:

  1. submit an online registration through their Jobsplus Website Profile.  The links below can provide them with further assistance regarding online registrations:
  2. Jobsplus Centres will be open for walk-ins from Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 12:00 noon. Those who want to avoid queuing may request an appointment from Monday to Thursday between 13:00 and 15:00. Clients can still make use of our on-line services.

Renew their registration, are to send an email to:

It is to be noted that appointments are given to clients who do not have access to internet.  Clients who have access to internet are to make use of Jobsplus online services.

Offices are open to the public between 08:00hrs to 12:00hrs and between 13:30 hrs to 15:00 hrs from Monday and Thursday, and between 8:00 hrs and 12:00 hrs on Fridays (1st October to 30th June) and from 08:00hrs to 12:00hrs from Monday to Friday (1st July to 30th September).

Persons with a disability should register at the Lino Spiteri Foundation (LSF) Centre, St Louis Street, Msida.

Persons who are seeking part-time or temporary employment and would like to register with Jobsplus are to follow the above procedures.

In all cases, the following documentation should be provided:

  • Identity Card/ Residence Card [4];
  • National Insurance Card (which can be obtained from any branch office of the Department of Social Security);
  • Any termination forms pertaining to previous employment if available; 
  • Any certificates or qualifications together with a copy of the curriculum vitae (CV);

[1] Persons registering with Jobsplus on the unemployment register will be required to meet up with their employment advisor on a face-to-face basis as is stipulated in the registration guidelines. You can access relevant information through the following link and registration FAQs can be found here

[2]Jobseekers who are unemployed and actively seeking employment are strongly encouraged to officially start registering with Jobsplus for employment as soon as they become unemployed. You can access relevant information related to registration through the FAQs.

[3]Social Policy: District Offices

[4]EU nationals who would like to register in Malta and are not yet in possession of a residence card, are to bring their passport together with a proof of residence such as the Rent Agreement or Declaration for the use of an address.