Career Test

The aim of the career test is to help the registrant identify a suitable career or career path. This may be achieved through the exploration and eventual identification of careers that specifically match one’s work interests and skills.

The career test helps in the exploration of potential jobs that best suit the needs of the person undergoing the test. It can either be completed online or through the assistance of an employment advisor supplied by Jobsplus. The duration of the test is around one hour and it requires answers that determine the registrant’s working preferences and aptitude. Following an initial set of questions, the system issues a brief report with a list of potential careers. The report also provides additional details such as general descriptions for each of the shortlisted options and a comparison between such alternatives. Results can also be filtered by employment type (e.g. part-time, self-employed etc.) or through additional questions which optimise job search opportunities further.

The career test is another tool which together with the employment advisor can be used to develop a more personalised career plan and outline any training and/or skills that may be needed prior to the chosen career path.

Those interested in applying for a career test can download the application form from here.