Complaints Procedure

How to file a complaint procedure with Jobsplus

When making a complaint, kindly provide us with as much information as you can to help us investigate your complaint:

  • Specify what the problem/case is,
  • Provide information on any relevant communication with JobsPlus on the subject.  Preferably, making reference also to letters and/or emails sent and/or received, and possibly the dates and times of any conversations held where applicable, and
  • Address your complaint to the person responsible if you have their contact details.

Complaints may be filed using the Contact form or by sending an email to [email protected]

Complaints can be made by anyone, irrespective if the user is a Maltese or non-Maltese citizen.

How Complaints are handled within JobsPlus

When JobsPlus receives a complaint, it is immediately referred to the Customer Care Unit for their attention, who will then carry out an investigation on the problem / case.  Following investigation, a member of the staff from the Customer Care Unit or form the department responsible from the service in question will reply in writing, by telephone, or by email to the Complainant.