Other Publications

The following are publications issued by Jobsplus on specific aspects related to the employment sector including strategy plans, road maps and manuals. Click the required title to download publication.

Date of Publication Name of Publication Description
2018 Occupational Handbook 2018
(PDF Version)
The Occupational Handbook is a source of information related to 246 occupations found in the Maltese labour market. These 246 occupations cover more than 90% of the labour force.

The information detailed in the occupational sheets of this handbook was obtained by means of desk-based research, online questionnaires and consultation meetings with various sectorial stakeholders (the State, Educational Institutions, Private Enterprise and other Social Partners) and makes it unique to Malta and the needs of the Maltese economy.
2015 Making Work Pay
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The Government’s aim is to improve the quality of life for all Maltese and Gozitan citizens. To realise this objective, the past two years have been dedicated to the launching of various initiatives to show the benefits of working, as opposed to relying on social benefits.  This flyer provides you with all you need to know about getting into the world of employment, and how you can benefit from these incentives.
2009 Creating Innovative Working Arrangements
This is a manual to help employers and HR practitioners recognize, prevent and deal with gender discrimination at work.  This manual includes a checklist to avoid discrimination on the basis of gender differences, examples of good and bad practices on the workplace, updated information on gender equality legislation which is of relevance to the labour market, a sample of an equal opportunities policy which can be adopted by local organisations and a sample of a harassment prevention policy which can also be adopted in the local scenario.
2007 The ESF Success Stories This publication illustrates a number of success stories of individual clients who directly benefited from projects funded by the European Social Fund of the European Union.  Jobsplus was one of the first local entities who directly benefited from EU funds after Malta’s membership in the EU in 2004.
2004 Gender Sensitive Vocational Guidance This publication is a manual in regards to Gender Sensitive Vocational Guidance.