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Date  Name of Publication  Description 
2016 National Employee Skills Survey
The National Commission for Further and Higher Education (NCFHE), Jobsplus and Malta Enterprise (ME) embarked on an Employee Skills Gap Survey.  The objective is to gauge the extent of the existing skills gap, to contribute effectively to improvements in the educational system in Malta to make it more responsive to the needs of the labour market and to provide policy makers with the information necessary to identify the potential shortcomings of the Maltese labour market that could be hindering companies from finding employees with adequate skills. This exercise is deemed particularly important in light of the relatively strong and sustained growth recorded by the Maltese economy over recent years which requires an increasingly diversified set of skills to enable companies to meet market demand.
2015 Employability Index Report of 2015  The Employability Index is one of the measures aimed at facilitating the transition from further and higher education to employment. The intended benefits of the Employability Index were highlighted in Malta’s National Reform Programme published in 2015.

The Employability Index will offer more guidance to students on the choices of jobs that are available for the various lines of studies by indicating to the student the potential of finding a job within the line of study being chosen.

This study aims at identifying students that may be at high risk of experiencing underemployment due to a mismatch between their educational attainment and their occupation.

A summary of the Employability Index Report can be found here
2015  EURES - Living and Working Conditions in Malta This is a report about living and working conditions in Malta for EU Nationals.

Our report is available in English, however this is available in other languages on the EURES Portal,
2012 Nista' - Post-Campaign Research (Qualitative Research)
Three round-table workshops were held with Employers, HR Managers and Employees following the Nista’ campaign. This is a qualitative post-mortem study of the campaign.
2012 Nista' - Post-Campaign Research (Quantitative Research)
This quantitative research study was aimed at gauging the respondents’ awareness following the Nista’ campaign. It was also aimed at obtaining information on their beliefs on whether a balance between work and family can be achieved and on obtaining information on what respondents think is hindering women from returning to work.
2011 Nista' - Essential Information for Women Returners A publication for women wishing to re-enter the labour market. Booklet published as part of the Nista' campaign.
2010 Nista' - Pre-Campaign Research
A pre-campaign research study commissioned to gain a better understanding of people's views on sharing work/life responsibilities. This research is part of the Nista' Campaign.
2008 Study on Call Centers Jobsplus commissioned this report with the aim to understand the current state of the sector and to define the sector in terms of employment and skills required.  (Year of publication: 2008)
2008 Early Exit from Employment: The experiences of Maltese men who left work before retirement age This study focuses on the experiences, decisions and attitudes of Maltese men aged between 55 and 60 years and who were neither working nor actively in search of work.  (Year of publication: 2008)
2007 Women and Work This is a study focusing on work aspirations of Maltese women. While Jobsplus is at the forefront to encourage more females to enter into the labour market, it is hoped that these findings will assist policy makers and all those interested in the subject to obtain a better picture of the work aspirations of Maltese women and to devise relevant and effective policies and strategies.
2007 Lone Mothers on Benefits: Their Work Aspirations and Experiences
Lone Mothers on Benefits: Their Work Aspirations and Experiences studies single mothers, their employment opportunities and the social benefits they receive.  (Year of publication: 2007)
2007 Research Study on Obstacles for Mobility The Research Study on Obstacles to Mobility was commissioned by Jobsplus to study any obstacles faced by jobseekers who would like to work abroad. It also identifies persons who have past experience in working abroad and those who actually wish to work overseas.  The study analyses the respondents’ awareness and usage of the EURES services. (Year of publication: 2007)
2007 Employment in the Environmental Goods and Services Industry in Malta The overall objective of this study is to map out and survey developments tied to environment-related employment both in Malta and internationally, carry a SWOT analysis, and outline to the Jobsplus the feasibility and subsequent design of employment schemes and training programmes leading to environment-related employment
2006 Telework - "Is it for me?" Is a publication summarizing the results of a study commissioned by Jobsplus on the benefits and implementation of telework options in Malta, together with best practices in the area of teleworking.
2006 The School to Work Transition of Young People in Malta Studies the experiences of youth on their transition from school to work.
2006 Breaking the Mould A study by Mark-Anthony Falzon – a social anthropologist at the University of Malta on Women and Men in non-traditional occupations in the Maltese Labour Market.
2005 Women & Men in the IT Labour Market  Working towards gender equality in the labour market is one of our principal commitments.A close look at local statistics reveal that female representation in careers related to science, engineering and information technology is much lower than in other careers. The Women and Men in the IT Labour Market is not a representative survey, but is highlighting good practices of organisations and women who are making a success in the local IT industry.
2005 Job Search and Persons with Disability Provides a better understanding of the particular problems and challenges faced by persons with disability in their job search. This study paves the way for new policies aimed at strengthening these persons’ work potential in the local labour market.
2004 Apprenticeship in Malta Attempts to provide information on apprenticeships in general and studies the views of both employers and apprentices on the local apprenticeship framework.

Nista' - Post-Campaign Research (Qualitative Research) 
Nista' - Post-Campaign Research (Qualitative Research)