Average Wage Earner Scheme

The aim of this scheme is to assist employed and self-employed persons attending one of Jobsplus courses and whose weekly wage does not exceed €300 (basic) per week. Jobsplus offers training courses in various areas including literacy and numeracy, computing, trade, technical, accounting, clerical work and care services. Employed individuals following these courses can benefit from a financial grant of €25 per week provided that they attend a minimum of four hours of training per week. The grant is given to an individual upon successfully completing the whole course (not applicable for courses that do not have an assessment component). Payment is based on the hours an individual attends and the duration of the course.  Persons who terminate or drop out of the course, and/or have absences, which preclude them from sitting for the final assessment (where applicable), are not eligible to claim this allowance.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Weekly wage does not exceed €300 (basic) per week;
  • Participants must attend a minimum of four hours of training per week;
  • Applicants may be on full and/or part time employment whilst attending the course;
  • Participants must successfully complete the course.

The application form together with all the relevant documentation must be presented to Jobsplus within two calendar months following course completion. In those instances where certificate is not yet issued, individuals must still apply within these two months’ timeframe.  Such applications will remain on hold until certificate is issued.  Applicants must submit one application per course.


Applications (including all documentation) are to be submitted by post or by hand to:

Training Complex
Average Wage Earners Scheme
Hal Far Road
Hal Far BBG 3000

Contact Details

Telephone of person responsible: 22201621

Email address of person responsible: [email protected]

Generic telephone numbers: 22201607/ 22201610

Generic email address: [email protected]