Bridging the Gap Scheme

This scheme is designed to support the client in the transition period from unemployment to employment. It allows the employer to evaluate the performance of the client in the workplace, prior to proper engagement. The employer and Jobsplus enter into an agreement regarding the work exposure period, whereby the client is placed on the scheme with the prospect of employment. Clients receive a weekly allowance of 80% of the minimum wage from Jobsplus. The client will have to renounce the rights to any social security benefits if the work exposure period exceeds the twenty-eight weeks. Employers participating in this scheme are exempted from social security contributions, wages and sick leave benefits. Throughout this work exposure phase, the employer can benefit from the support of Jobsplus officials.

Eligibility criteria

Registered unemployed persons who are:

  • Registered persons with disability;
  • Other people in disadvantaged situations.

Contact details

Telephone of person responsible: 22201413

Email address of person responsible: [email protected]

Generic telephone number: 22201403

Generic email address:[email protected]