'Sharing Work-Life Responsibilities'


Nistá - 'Sharing Work-Life Responsibilities' is a social marketing campaign, targeting specific audiences to promote work life balance. This work life balance can only be achieved by input from all parties, females, males, employers and society at large. 

This €1.3 million campaign is an EU-funded project aimed to encourage more women to enter and remain in labour market through an information campaign that will span over two years using TV, radio and other media. This campaign is split into four phases.


Phase One: Generating awareness Among Society in General

Phase one of the campaign is aimed at society in general and aims at raising awareness about the project and the subject of work-life balance.

Phase Two: Challenging Traditional roles for Women

Phase two of the campaign will be aimed at inactive young women, inactive older women and single mothers to promote the importance of paid employment for women as opposed to either inactivity or dependency on social benefits and promote the concept of financial independence. The campaign will consist of television adverts depicting testimonials, radio adverts and billboards, amongst other things.

Phase Three: Promoting Men in the Family Sphere

This part of the campaign will focus on challenging traditional gender roles and more specifically men’s roles within the family which are often limited to their bread-winning role with limited sharing of non -remunerated tasks. Therefore this part of the campaign will target men through a number of television adverts and testimonials, radio adverts and billboards which will promote the benefits of their greater involvement in the family.
Phase Four: Employers for work-life balance

Employers will be targeted through television spots and articles in specific magazines targeted to employers. This campaign will aim to highlight best practice employers who have implemented measures favoring better work-life reconciliation for their employees, and demonstrate the benefits that work-life reconciliation measures have for businesses, thus creating a win-win solution for all involved.


TV Programme: 

The campaign also consisted of a 13 week TV programme.


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