Work Programme Initiative

Work Programme Initiative Scheme

Jobsplus in collaboration with the private sector is assisting long-term unemployed individuals to re-enter into the labour market.  The Work Programme Initiative’s (WPI) main objective is that of re-integration the long-term unemployed into the labour market.  This initiative consists of three phases: profiling, training and job placements. If any participant is not placed in employment for at least 6 out of 24 months from the date of the signing of the WPI contract, s/he is referred back to Jobsplus.

Eligibility Criteria

Kindly note that the Work Programme Initiative Scheme is no longer accepting new applications.

This initiative is targeted for long-term unemployed individuals aged 25 years and over, who are seeking full or part-time employment. These individuals need to be either:

  • Registering for 12 months over the last two years (not necessarily consecutive);
  • Inactive individuals not registering during the past 12 consecutive months. 

Kindly note that the Work Programme Initiative Scheme is now closed.