Training Pays Scheme

ESF.01.001 – Training for Employment


The Training Pays Scheme offers financial assistance for individuals who wish to follow a training programme. Financial assistance is awarded after the individual (trainee) has completed his/her training successfully.


The Scheme is open to individuals who as at application date:

  • have completed compulsory schooling (15 or 16 years) up to 64 years of age;
  • (for those aged between 15 and 24) are not participating under the Youth Guarantee NEET Activation Scheme II or any other Jobsplus’ scheme;
  • are legally residing in Malta and Gozo;
  • primary employment is not self-employment*;
  • are not employed with the Training Service Provider with whom they will be following training.

Persons who are already employed as teachers or have a related teaching occupation with an English Language School cannot apply for the CELTA and/or TEFL courses under the Training Pays Scheme.

* Should a person have more than one part-time job (one of which being self-employment), the employment which is covered by Social Security will be deemed as the primary employment.

The scheme will remain open until the end of December 2022.  Any applications received from 1st January 2023 onwards will not be accepted.

Training and Refund

For this scheme, Jobsplus has created a catalogue so that individuals may access the list of training programmes that qualify under this scheme. Following are the eligibility criteria and the refund computation:

Training Programme

  1. Must not be offered by Jobsplus
  2. Must be provided by a local Training Service Provider that is:
    1. licensed by MFHEA (although exceptions may apply in accordance to SL. 327.433 – Further & Higher Education (Licensing, Accreditation & Quality Assurance) Regulations) OR
    2. an equivalent body (applicable only for non-accredited courses related to aviation, maritime and ICT)
  3. Must be:
    1. Accredited and pegged:
      up to MQF level 5 (full qualification or award are eligible) OR
      Awards at MQF levels 6 and 7 OR
    2. non-accredited but industry specific courses related to Aviation, Maritime and ICT sectors.

In accordance to Referencing Report (2016) issued by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority (MFHEA) following is the definition for an Award at MQF level 6 and 7:

Award at MQF Level 6 has less than 180 credits
Award at MQF Level 7 has less than 30 credits

For a full certification course which includes single modules/exit points, trainees can EITHER apply for the said modules/exit points, OR for the full certification in order to benefit from funding under the Training Pays Scheme.

Refund Computation

Refund is based on 75% of the cost of training.

The following capping shall apply:

  • For eligible training programmes that are pegged up to MQF level 4 capping is €1,000.
  • For eligible training programmes pegged at MQF levels 5, 6 and 7 and non-accredited courses capping is €3,000.

If you offer training programmes that fit within the above description, kindly login with your e-ID or website account and fill in your application electronically by means of the Course Management function.  For further feedback on how to fill in the form, kindly click here.

Kindly be reminded that it is your responsibility to keep Jobsplus updated on any changes related to your training programmes as found on the Jobsplus catalogue. Should you fail to inform Jobsplus of any changes to your licensing conditions or changes to your training programmes, you will be held liable for any irregularities that will be imposed on Jobsplus.

General Rules you need to know as a Training Service Provider:

  • Applications by individuals must be received by the course end date.
  • Minimum cost of training (excluding VAT) is €100.
  • Course end date should not exceed the 30th June 2023.

Training costs shall mean Tuition fees, Training Material, Registration fees and Examination fees paid by the applicant. Non-eligible costs include seminars or conferences, online courses (that are delivered by unlicensed Training Institutions and do not lead to an accredited certification) and SEC / MATSEC examinations.

Training Service Providers will be allowed to update their training programme titles and fees from year to year, however any changes to the training content must be received through a new application that will be evaluated in line with the scheme’s eligibility criteria. Any revision will be applicable to new training applications received after Jobsplus’ approval.

Applications will remain open until the 31st December 2022. End of course date (which includes assessment) shall not exceed the 30th June 2023. Applications for Subsidy will be approved on a first come first served basis.

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Changes to scheme’s eligibility criteria entered into effect on 17/03/2022