Work Exposure Scheme

Work Exposure Scheme

The Work Exposure Scheme is intended to facilitate transition into employment by providing jobseekers with initial hands on training that will help individuals obtain the knowledge, skills and competences required to find and retain employment. This scheme is designed to mirror contemporary labour market demand, whereby the job preferences of the jobseekers are matched with employers’ requests. 

Duration of the Work Exposure Scheme: 240 hours

Maximum number of weeks: 12 weeks

Maximum number of on-the-job hours in any given week: 40 hours 

The on-the-job training will take place at the employer’s premises where the trainee is placed. During the scheme the trainee must attend 240 hours of placement within a maximum period of 12 weeks.

Participants are paid a training allowance, payable by Jobsplus for every hour attended, which is calculated on the national minimum wage. 

The Work Exposure Scheme forms part of the Training for Employment project, which is co-financed by the European Social Fund 2014-2020.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Trainees: The Work Exposure Scheme is available for both registered unemployed persons and inactive job seekers;
  • Employers:  All public and private entities, including NGOs.

General Rules

  • Trainees cannot be placed with a former employer;
  • Subject to Jobsplus’ approval, trainees may be allowed to participate more than once in order to try a different work exposure that might better suit their skills. In such circumstances the trainee will be asked to change the occupation preference;
  • The number of trainees that can be placed with any one employer will be capped by Jobsplus at its own discretion and subject to the number of trainees an employer retained in employment at the end of the scheme.
  • Trainees cannot have a direct family relationship with the employer. Direct family relationships include parents/legal guardians and siblings.


Application forms may be found below:

Contact Details

Generic telephone numbers: 22201635/ 22201636/ 22201637

Generic email address:

Receipt of Applications and other documentation related to the Scheme

Applications by prospective trainees and employers and any other documentation such as scheme's agreements and attendance sheets need to be sent via email on