Registration Process

The following information is intended to provide guidance to jobseekers – particularly those who intend to register for work. Registration implies that one is willing to take active steps to improve employability, seek and take up work.

An Overview of the Registration Process

Upon registration, the registrant becomes eligible to participate in a range of services offered by Jobsplus. Personal details, job preferences and details of any permits or licences held are required upon said registration. An employment advisor is subsequently assigned to provide support and guidance in the quest for work and training opportunities.  Such collaboration entails various steps including the compilation of a personal action plan, referral to training programmes, employment schemes and other initiatives. Active participation is crucial to increase the registrant’s employability. Failure to participate can result in the registrant’s removal from the unemployment register.

 Important to Note

The provision of accurate and up-to-date information is of utmost importance upon registration; this includes the supply of an updated employment history. The provision of incorrect information or the withholding of relevant information (particularly as regards other employment or business activities) may also lead to removal from the register. It must be noted that persons requesting inclusion in the unemployment register must not be in possession of any current business or trade permits or VAT numbers. 

Upon first registration, one is issued an appointment with one’s employment advisor. A copy of the appointment details is provided for one’s records. Future communication with Jobsplus officials will be carried out through various communication media (e.g. registered mail, through website account, telephone calls, e-mail and so on).  Any measure communicated to clients by Jobsplus officials is mandatory. Failure to attend such activities will imply lack of interest in the range of services available and hence may lead to removal from the register. The registrant is also required to send feedback on each job interview and any other activity carried out by the clients to show their efforts in finding a job, to the assigned employment advisor.

More details on the Unemployment Register registrations can be accessed through these FAQs by clicking here.

It is acknowledged that the registrant may be unable to attend any of the activities mentioned above due to genuine reasons. In such instances, once informed by the Registration Unit, one is advised to take immediate action by completing and submitting the justification form to the offices in Hal Far or at our Gozo Centre in Victoria.  The justification forms must be accompanied by supporting documents that may explain absence from the said activities. Each case shall be analysed on an individual basis according to the evidence provided and subsequently the decision shall be communicated in writing.  If the justification is accepted, the registrant’s status on the unemployment register shall be retained. On the other hand, non-compliance shall result in registrant being removed from the Unemployment Register priority list, forfeiting of any entitlements to benefits that are related to unemployment registration, as well as priority on the register for a period of six months.

In the event that the registrant is accepted into employment – even on a trial basis - immediate notification of such development shall be made to Jobsplus prior to the actual engagement date.  As a result the prospective employer shall complete the engagement form on behalf of the newly employed individual, which will automatically also stop any entitlements to benefits that are related to unemployment registration. Working whilst registering is considered a serious offence and therefore failure to respect the procedure above shall result in the removal and ineligibility to register on the Unemployment Register.  This decision shall be revoked if the individual concerned has been gainfully occupied for a continuous period of six month and has ceased to be gainfully occupied for reasons that are deemed to be good and sufficient.  Any person aggrieved by a decision of the Corporation under this article may, within fifteen days from the notification of such decision, appeal to the National Employment Authority (Ch. 594 of the Employment and Training Services Act, Article 13 clauses 3, 4 and 5).

The person registering for employment may engage in a one-off work activity, consisting of a few hours and in any case not more than five (5) hours in any one week and not to exceed the amount of two hundred and forty (240) hours per annum, whilst retaining his right to remain on the Register, so long as he obtains approval beforehand, from Jobsplus, of such engagement . Under normal circumstances, this approval should be sought at least one week in advance. Should the registrant fail to inform Jobsplus and is caught working while registering, he shall be struck off the Register with immediate effect for a period of six (6) months. [Ch. 594 of the Employment and Training Services Act, Article 13 clause 2 (d)]. Application Form can be collected from any Job Centre or downloaded from the Jobsplus website(the following link enables access to the form)

During the appointment with the employment advisor, one is to discuss one’s training and employment aspirations and prospects. In addition the employment advisor and the jobseeker will be drafting a personal action plan of what is expected by Jobsplus and the jobseeker. The registrant will have the opportunity to meet the Employment Advisor on a regular basis. During these meetings, one can update one’s profile accordingly. While Jobsplus strives to match each registrant with one’s employment preferences and competences, current regulations require that after registering for more than three months, refusal to accept lower skilled jobs shall not be allowed.  These regulations also stipulate that jobseekers that have been on the unemployment register for more than three months cannot refuse job offers that offer (at least) the minimum wage.

More details on the Unemployment Register registrations can be accessed through these FAQs by clicking here.