Personal Action Plan

A PAP is a multi-level programme which offers jobseekers step-by-step practical support aimed at empowering and preparing individuals for employment

Through the PAP, the individuals together with the employment advisor assess the current employment situation to identify areas of improvement and set short-term and long-term realistic goals. During the PAP process, the jobseeker and the employment advisor will agree on a set of goals and tasks. Subsequently, these will be followed-up and re-assessed in order to set new and relevant objectives.

What is covered by a Personal Action Plan Programme?

The Personal Action Plan consists of a number of sections which prepare individuals for employment. These include:

  • Choosing a career;
  • Getting the right training / experience;
  • Looking for a job;
  • Applying for a job;
  • Preparing for a job interview;
  • The job interview and following up the application.
A Personal Action Plan Tool Kit may help you in your journey by clicking here