Mock Interview

The aim of a mock interview is to give you experience of attending a job interview. Individualised feedback shall be also be provided.  

The mock interview allows you to practice your job interview skills and gain feedback. It will also help you gain confidence and provide you with experience of what it is like to attend an actual employment interview.

If you are already attending interviews but have not yet managed to land a job, then it can also be used to provide you with additional insight into what recruitment managers are after. Since this interview mimics an actual interview it will enable the employment advisors to provide constructive feedback on all aspects of the interview process. These include how well you answered the questions, if your attire was appropriate and other tips you can adopt in order to perform better during job interviews.

For this session, you will be required to come well prepared and dressed appropriately as though you were going for a job interview with an actual employer.

To gain the best out of the session, jobseekers are asked to keep the interview as realistic as possible.

Those interested in applying for a mock interview can download the application form from here.